andrea kitts   

            KROMATORIUM,   a blinding collection of bones and beasts-  

                  All horned animals are lifesize-

                        No animals were poached, bred, killed or hurt for the purpose of this installation. All osteological materials are by-products and/or were obtained  from natural or predator deaths.

            Ants and Fly are super sized

      SWINEFLUE- "Breathe no evil"                       CAST ANTLER

       SMILE  :)))))                                                   PLANK  

      White Collar Crime- Off Shore Laundry, site specific Installation at CA 101
(voted 2nd place public choice award)


A traditional crime scene is clearly marked and documented.  A white collar crime scene has no particular location, and the details are often unknown. The crime is committed by laundering, re-assigning and moving funds. Numbers are diluted and traces fade. It's a global subject that for obvious reasons is rarely discussed. This installation is airing the "Off Shore Dirty Laundry" with a play on words. I hope to provoke a thought. stir a chuckle or initiate a smile.

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