andrea kitts   

                      andrea kitts-sennlos-angeles based artist and designer,                                                  

                      A native of Switzerland – and a citizen of the world, Andrea finds her inspiration in everyday items and places,
Her journey has been driven by an endless curiosity. She welcomes the unexpected, constantly searches for new materials and likes to use existing
                            elements removed from their original intent. 

Andrea holds a business degree and spent many years in international advertising and marketing in the US and Europe.
                            Shy of a decade ago, she decided to explore her hands-on creative side and her passion for art and design. She enrolled in UCLA’s design program, 
                            various wood and metal workshops and set up a small studio. Her creative refuge is a well organized tinker lab, filled with fabrics, art supplies, materials,
                            found objects, parts and oddities. 

                           Her most recent work, "KROMATORIUM - a blinding collection of bones and beasts"truly is a representation of herself. It combines her roots in the 
                           mountains, and her chosen life as a cosmopolitan LA transplant. The shapes and structures are organic and found in nature (or a mountain lodge). 
                           Yet the blinding finish make it yearn for a hip hotel, a big city nightclub or an edgy residence.

                           Nature provided the incredibly intricate and beautiful original. I paired it with emerging technology to create striking, one-of-a-kind Krom Clones,.
                           Each piece is molded, cast, fused, refined and/ or preserved with minute attention to detail.

                      In addition to her latest Kromatorium Collection, Andrea has a line of furniture in production in Italy and a lighting and object series available in the US.
                           Her work has been featured in the LA Times Magazine, Angeleno, Loft and on the Style network and House Beautiful TV.

                        "I don't think of Ideas -  Ideas happen all day long. I pay attention, I sketch them and I produce them."












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